Fire Damage

Long Beach Fire Damage Services

When disasters strikes and the emergency crews have cleared, it’s time to call your fire damage professionals in Long Beach. With 12+ years of experience helping families and businesses reclaim their property and security, you can trust our patented and time-tested methods to mitigating damages from fire and lovingly restore your home or commercial space to its former state.

Trust the Long Beach experts when it comes to:

– Damage assessment, inventory management
– Boarding up, securing your property from vandalism and weather
– Damage containment, isolation of effected areas
– Soot and ash professional removal
– Smoke residue removal
– Restoration of heat damaged surfaces
– Subsurface inspection and structural repair
– Replacement of unsalvageable elements
– Deep cleaning
– Deodorization

We work with all major insurance companies and can help you after your fire loss. Call your Long Beach Fire Damage professionals today for immediate help 24-hours a day 365-days a year at [phone number].

Not all smoke is created equally

Smoke can be one of the most damaging parts of a fire after the actual flames have been smothered by fire crews. Smoke leaves a variety of particulate artifacts that can cause serious respiratory damage if left untreated.

Wet smoke residue

Slow burning and low temperature fires generate wet smoke that causes difficult to remove smoke webs and protein residues on metals.

Dry smoke

Dry smoke generally results from fast burning hot fires that leave powdery residues. Usually easier to clean with standard household chemicals.

Fuel oil soot

Results from the combustion of carbon sources and can leave carcinogenic or respiratory tract effecting ash. Often smears and leaves residue.

Fire extinguisher residue

Fire suppressants chemicals are hazardous to health and can permanently damage items if not properly treated. Although they do a great job stopping a chemical or oil fire, foams and sprays from extinguishers have to be specially handled and treated by professionals.

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